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Whitetail Wednesday: What To Look For When Looking To Buy Land

Deciding to buy land is exciting, but picking out the right piece can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you go look at land.

what to look for when buying land

1. Visibility From The Road 

In most cases, less is more. Less road frontage means more privacy. 


2. Quality Timber

While bigger tress are better, it’s also important to have high quality species of trees, too. Quality timber can be looked at two ways, as an investment to be harvested later, or as the environment to attract wildlife. If you’re looking to harvest, you’ll want quality species and larger trees. If you want to support the wildlife, you’ll want mature trees with a mix of soft and hard mast for animals to eat. 


what to look for when buying land

3. Walk The Property Lines 

Clearly marked boundary lines are a great thing. As you walk along, take a look at your potential neighbor’s property as well. DO they have tree stands hanging uncomfortably close to the line or are they at a nice distance? Keep your eye out for anything that could become a potential problem. 


4. Check Creeks

Creeks are a great feature to have on your property. If you spot one, see if you can tell if it holds water all the time, or only after a large rain. Where it’s positioned on the property is important, too. Does it cut off access to another part of the property or does it serve as a nice boundary on a property line?


what to look for when buying land

5. Look For Deer Sign 

Especially if you want to hunt this property, look for signs there are deer! Trails, rubs, bedding areas, sheds, etc. 


If you keep these things in mind when looking at property, you’ll feel much more confident when you find the right one for you. If you’d like me to help you find your dream farm, just call! (618) 638-5031.



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