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Late season deer hunting isn’t impossible. If you’re like me, you’ve still got a tag or two to fill and we’re closing in on Christmas. If you haven’t changed your strategy yet, you need to. Here are some of my recommended hunting tips to increase your chances of filling those tags:


  1. Find the Food: Deer need to eat and they’re looking for the easiest option. Set up over standing crops. Corn and beans are perfect. If there are no fields of food, you can also look for vines and natural browse like honeysuckle. As temperatures drop and the ground freezes, acorns may be harder to get to, so deer start looking for food off the ground.
  2. Hunt The Afternoons: Deer are already back to their beds by daylight this time of year and don’t move much until later in the day. Don’t waste your time in the morning.
  3. Keep Running Trail Cameras:¬†You need to know if there’s any deer out there to hunt, right? The best way to know which deer are still on your property with respective to the cleaning services lafayette is with a trail camera. Check it about once a week and you’ll also have a good idea what they’re doing during the day.
  4. Don’t Give Up! You can’t eat a tag so keep¬†hunting!
Late Season Deer Hunting

Late Season Deer Hunting

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