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Rebuilding Your Bucks Health: Tips From Mark

As a deer hunter that likes to hunt quality, mature bucks, it can be difficult to protect and manage a buck until it’s ready to harvest. Everyone wants a buck they’re proud to hang on the wall. A buck’s antler growth is a combination of the bucks age, genetics, and nutrition. In order to have mature, older bucks you have to be willing to let them walk by your stand during hunting season. There is not much you can do to manage the genetics of a buck, however, a hunter can help with nutrition. Here are some nutrition tips to build your bucks health.

1. Food Plots

Food plots are a great option in an area that has a good amount of rain and fertile soil. To start your food plot preparation, decide how big your plot should be and choose a location where the plot can get plenty of sunlight. After selecting the location, test the soil. A soil test will tell you the nutrient makeup and pH level of your dirt. This test will tell you the specific nutrient recommendations your plants will need to grow in your soil. A soil test saves you time and money in the long run.

2. Use Protein Pellets

Adding protein pellets to your deer feed can be beneficial for your bucks in many ways. Most contained bucks don’t get enough protein in their diets. Adding protein causes growth in weight and antler size. Adequate protein also promotes healthy organ function. If you have never used protein pellets before, consider slowly introducing it to your bucks. After they start hitting it, you can begin to add more to their diet. 

3. Other Foods

Whole cottonseed and roasted soybeans are some other food options that are high in protein that bucks will love.

4. Create Mineral Sites

Whitetails are attracted to salt and mineral mixes. A mineral site doesn’t directly affect a buck’s antlers, however, they do promote healthy digestion and weight gain.

I hope these tips have been helpful. For more deer hunting tips and tricks check out our website,


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