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Hunting Strategies:  The BOB Saga Continues

It’s time to hit the woods and talk hunting strategies.


It’s time for some hunting strategies. For hunters, it’s the peak of the hunt for the big buck we’ve had our eyes on. It’s necessary to strategize and pull together a gameplan to get into his territory. Here are some tricks that have worked for me in the past that I’m using this year to hunt BOB.

Last week I introduced you to BOB.  The reason we call him Bob is because we found his sheds under an oak tree last year and started call him the Big Oak Buck. I’ve hunted him quite a bit during the early season. It has allowed me to identify his core area on our farm.  He’s changed some of his eating habits in the last couple of weeks because we are getting closer to pre-rut. He’s been feasting on acorns.

The Scrape

In late October I try to move all of my cameras off of food plots and onto a scrape. If I can’t find a scrape I will make one, which is what I had to do this year. Knowing I needed a location ideal for an east wind hunt, I set up a Double Bull blind and scrape accordingly. The wind has a great effect on your hunting. For the most favorable hunting set up your blind downwind from your buck. After seeing my target buck, BOB, on video with the scrape I made, I knew it was time to pull a few other strategies out of my sleeve to get in his territory.



Lone Wolf Stand

After not having luck in my pop up blind, I hung my lone wolf stand in an area with some open ground, right on a ridge top with wide open acres everywhere. When hunting mature bucks you have to be willing to make an adjustment and I’m hoping this one pays off.

I still haven’t finished my business with BOB but I’m hoping to seal the deal soon. Keep your eyes open for more videos on our facebook page and more blogs to hear about my saga with BOB.



Missed the introduction to BOB?  Click the link below to get caught up on the BOB saga and stay tuned for more adventures in the woods with Mark! We post new updates on land, hunting strategies and more every Whitetail Wednesday!



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