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7 Reasons To Buy Property In Kentucky

There are numerous options for purchasing hunting property in America. From sea to shining sea the number of property listings is innumerable. However, there are few states that can give you the positive return on investment you’re looking for and offer the incentives for non-resident property owners that Kentucky does. Here are the top seven reasons to purchase property in Kentucky.

The Better Question Is, Why Not?


1. Land Value

For the property you’re receiving, you are paying significantly less than you would be in other states. Kentucky property is on the lower end of the price spectrum. Other midwestern states have much higher property costs for the same acreage of property.

2. Property Taxes

Kentucky is a landowner friendly state. They look for ways to help their landowners save money. They offer ag-exemptions to lower your tax rate. This is offered to anyone with 10 acres or more of property, even if they don’t farm their land.



3. Cost of Tags & Licenses

In some other states, the cost of purchasing hunting and fishing licenses as well as hunting tags can add up to $700-$800. After purchasing those tags, some states will only allow nonresidents to hunt a couple times a year, even if they own the property. However, this isn’t the case in Kentucky. This gives property owners much more freedom and lower costs to hunt. Tags and licenses in Kentucky are significantly less expensive and can be bought at Walmart.



4. Closest Trophy State in the South

When you’re traveling from the South to find a place to hunt, Kentucky is the closest (and BEST) place to hunt! It’s also a short drive from major cities such as Nashville, Louisville, and St. Louis!



5. Quality of Deer Hunting

Kentucky has been rated number two in the U.S. from 2010-2016 for Boone and Crockett deer entries. In 2012, they were the U.S. leader in Boone and Crockett deer entries. Since the 1994 decision to become a one buck state, Kentucky has increased in the overall value of deer hunting.

Entries since 2010: 261



6. Velvet Deer

Looking for a velvet buck to add to your trophy collection? Kentucky is one of the best and only states you can kill a velvet buck!

Best States For Velvet Bucks



7. Early Season

Kentucky season starts early!  You have an extra 30 days to buy tags in our great state.  Who can say no to 30 extra days of hunting?



If you want high-quality deer hunting and to hunt in one of the top Boone and Crockett buck states, choose Kentucky to purchase your hunting property.  You won’t be disappointed. Visit mine and Justin’s new website, to view our listings or give us a call and we can help find the property you’re looking for. Mark Williams (270) 836-0819 or Justin Mason (618) 638-5031.



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