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Benefits of Buying WRP Land

Buying land enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program, or WRP, may sound complicated or cumbersome, but it’s actually a great option for many people. Here’s why Whitetail Properties Agent Mark Williams thinks you should consider buying WRP land. 

1. More Acres, Less Money

Land enrolled in the Wetlands Reserve Program is typically sold with a cheaper price tag than other land. That’s because once it’s art of the program, there are limitations on the activities, like building on it. However, the owner maintains the title to the property and restrictions do not include hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities. Areas of a property can intentionally be left out of the program so there would be no restrictions.



2. Shallow Water For Water Fowl

WRP Farms have shallow water impoundments which mean there’s usually a lot of water fowl. These properties make great water fowl hunting properties.  



3. Excellent Deer Habitat

The trees and plants that are planted on most WRP farms are just what deer are looking for. The early growth offers a great place for deer to sleep, and provides a lot of the food they need.  If your WRP farm is holding the areas big deer, you’ll have a great deer season! 



If you want more land for less money, with great hunting habitats, consider buying a WRP farm. If you’re interested in what WRP are for sale in Western Kentucky right now, feel free to give me a call.
(270) 836-0819

The property featured in this blog is in Graves County, KY. Click Here for more. 



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