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Welcome to The best place to learn about land for sale in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois! Not only will you be the first to know what property is on the market, you’ll know what property is moving on the market. Plus, these Whitetail Properties Agents will give you advice on hunting, food plots, land management, tree stands, and more! Meet the Land Specialists Justin Mason and Mark Williams.

I appreciate you checking out our new website. We just launched it and we’re super excited about the new style and the new format and some of the information that’s going to be on there. Probably the biggest thing to keep your eye on will be out monthly blog. There we’re going to share some trail camera tips:


Whitetail Properties Southern Illinois Justin Mason

where we place them, how we place them, how often we check them.

We’re also going to be talking about, when season gets here, go through some of our hunting strategies, what we’re doing to try to kill that big deer. We’re also going to be talking about some land management tips so what you can do on your farm, some cheap inexpensive things to do to improve the habitat, make it a better hunting experience with you and your neighbors. 

Also, the one I’m most excited about are some tips to help you stage your property. If you’re a few months out from selling, or 6 months out, maybe even longer than that. Maybe you just want to get the most out of your property so we’ll give you some tips on staging your property. Stay tuned. Keep an eye on our website. I think you’ll really like what we’re going to have for you. 


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