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5 Reasons To Buy Land In Illinois

There are a plethora of land options in America. You may be struggling to find the perfect piece of land that fits within the scope of your land owning dreams. I’m here to give you insight on why you should stop the search and choose a property in Southern Illinois.

The Better Question Is, Why Not?


1. Location

Southern Illinois is centrally located in the midwest. As far as big bucks states go, it’s located in the middle of Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. As hunters from the south travel to Illinois to hunt, Southern Illinois is the first place they want to go to. Buying property in Southern Illinois guarantees access to the popular hunting land in Southern Illinois and well as quick access to the other big buck states.

2.Game Laws

The game laws are more preferable in Illinois than in other states. Illinois is a two buck state. Meaning, each year a hunter gets to harvest 2 bucks in Illinois, while in other states, hunters can only harvest one. Illinois is also a shotgun only state when it comes to deer hunting. Hunters aren’t allowed to use rifles. Shotguns fire at half the distance of a rifle, meaning it’s more difficult for hunters to get to the bucks they’ve had their eyes on. This allows some bucks to grow an extra year and adds an interesting twist on hunting.



3. Limited Shotgun Season

There are only about 10 days you can hunt with a firearm in Illinois. This allows for the strategic hunters to take down their big buck. It also gives less chance for your buck to get shot by someone else. Owning the property in Southern Illinois will allow you to follow your buck, get to know your buck, name your buck and strategically hunt your buck with less time for others to interfere.



4. The Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee National Forest is made up of 280,000 acres of land. It’s open to the public for hiking, hunting, camping, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities. The Shawnee National Forest is awesome for the true outdoorsmen. Buying property in Southern Illinois gives you access to not only your property but to Shawnee to do the things you love.



5. Affordable Land

Most of the land I sell in Southern Illinois is between $2,000 an acre and $20,000 an acre. If you compare that in other states that same acreage of land may go for $3,000 to $3,500 an acre and even typically up from there. Southern Illinois has some very affordable ground.



Southern Illinois is a great investment. If you’re looking for a strategic and affordable place to spend your hard earned dollars, you won’t be disappointed with Southern Illinois. Check out the Whitetail Properties website, to browse our listings or give us a call and we can hunt down the perfect land for you. Justin Mason, (618) 638-5031 or Mark Williams, (270) 836-0819.



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